Announcing our new Excel Reporting Tool

I am pleased to announce that we have just released a new version of the Microsoft Excel reporting tool for Kronos Workforce Ready / SaaShr. This exciting new tool utilizes Microsoft's latest innovation for extending the Office products: Office Add-Ins.

The new version of the Excel tool is available from the Microsoft Store as shown here. The Add-in can be easily added to your Excel workbook by navigating to the Insert menu and then choosing My Add-Ins. Search in the store for Workforce Ready and you can load the app. Additional fees will be required to use the add-in, so contact to learn more.

This tool will allow the user to run any report to which they have access in Workforce Ready / SaaShr and have the results rendered directly in Excel. Multiple reports can be downloaded by navigating to different sheets for each report.

Use the power of Excel to then build custom calculations, pivot tables, and charts to get the data the way you need it. Be sure to save the Excel file for re-use in the future when you have new data that you simply refresh by running the reports again.

I will be working on a demo soon, but am very excited about this tool.

- Rob

Welcome to our new web site

We are excited to have you stop by our new web site. Sunshine Systems launched this new web site to demonstrate the singular focus on Kronos Workforce Ready and SaaShr. We are excited to share with you our vast experience, both functional and technical, with the leading HCM and Workforce Management platform for SMBs.

It is also a great time to let you know that Sunshine Systems is expanding. Recently two new employees joined the Sunshine Systems team: Stephanie Hodges and Ashley DeFreitas. We are so excited to have the new team in place and to continue our great partnership with Kronos.

- Rob